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Senior Lifestyle consultants

Supporting you through life's transitions

Assisting older adults and their support systems in navigating health, wellness and change throughout the aging process

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About Golden Age Management

Why we Support Older Adults

In Greek Mythology, the Golden Ages are defined as an idyllic period denoting peace, harmony, and prosperity. As we age, the strain of our commitments and responsibilities can heavily weigh on us and our support systems which can restrict our sense of stability and overall wellbeing. Golden Age Management is designed to reduce the stress of seniors and their support systems by assisting them in navigating the steps following life changes associated with health and care dynamics.


Find Support at Home or in The Community

with a Golden Age Manager


Health and Wellness 

Create a completely customizable careplan with a Golden Age Manager, addressing your holistic wellbeing via counselling, companionship, mobility training, and home support.

Life Transitions

Whether you're adjusting to changing family dynamics, preparing to move or navigating a new diagnosis, a Golden Age Manager can provide case management support that's specific to your goal.

Stephanie, Brantford

Yoga Client

Michelle offers a client centred, inclusive approach to her yoga practice that invites people from all walks of life to enjoy moving their body. Her passion for yoga and recreation allows her to create unique and balanced classes for all. I highly recommend Michelle’s yoga classes if you are looking for a down to earth, nurturing space to practice.
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