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Why we Support Seniors

Get to Know the Owner,
Our Mission, Vision and Goals

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Get to Know the Owner

Michelle Jamieson, RSSW & RYT

Michelle is a Registered Social Service Worker and Yoga Teacher with specialized training in Health, Active Aging and Business.


She is passionate about assisting older adults and their networks through the intricate changes associated with the aging process.


Michelle's passion for working with older adults in health and wellness inspired her to pursue services for seniors through Golden Age Management.


Community and Connection

Our Vision is to integrate a love for aging in a growing society -that resists it- by empowering older adults and their care-partners to work together, set goals and make changes.

Our Mission is to ease the aging process by supporting older adults and their care-partners through major life transitions, such as loss, grief, and change, through quality care, connection, and compassion.

Our Goal is to expand our team and to collaborate our networks with other organizations that hold our aging population as their top priority to better serve our community.

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