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Counseling Services

Mental health maintenance is important in living a meaningful and good quality life. Isolation, grief, stress and brain changes can impact our ability to cope independently.

Let us support you so that you can focus on living in the Golden Age.

What We Offer You

Our Golden Age Counselors are professionally trained in Social Service Work and Health for older adults. We understand how social isolation, grief, bereavement and changes in cognition or physical function can impact mental health. We recognize the warning signs of declining mental health and know how to act to support older adults in improving their quality of life.

A Golden Age Counselor can assist you by offering:

  • Customizable care plan including your goals

  • Private counseling sessions

  • Group or family counseling sessions

  • Guided mindfulness and meditation for mental health

  • Brokering conversations with other physicians to prioritize mental health

  • Offering mental health focused activities and programs

  • Mental Health Check-ins (in-person or over the phone)

  • Connect to other resources such as psychotherapists and psychiatrists

  • Suicide Prevention and Gentle Persuasive Approach


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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