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Golden Age Senior Services

At Golden Age Management, we understand the unique needs of the aging population and offer an array of services tailored to those needs.

Whether you would like to maintain your Health and Wellness or have a specific project associated with a Life Transition, our comprehensive services support those navigating a disease diagnosis, death of spouse, downsizing, or simply adjusting to aging in later life.

Golden Age Management offers affordable options to address mental, physical, social, and environmental needs and provides family-oriented comfort in a fast-paced society.

Health and Wellness Services

A Golden Age Manager designs a customizable careplan with you to target your physical, emotional mental, social, and environmental needs.

woman sitting on could with name tag and note pad across from older man


Assistance and guidance to you and/or your support system, through one-on-one our small group sessions.

two women sitting on a couch facing each other.


Social and recreational engagement or care-partner respite offered by trained professionals, catered to you.

younger women supporting older women in lighting hand weights

Mobility Training

Physical activity and movement plans developed to target your goals based on your needs and abilities.

woman using walker and another woman holding her arm and smiling

Home support

Light housekeeping, meal preparation, and home maintenance to ensure your comfort and safety.

Life Transition Support

A Golden Age Manager works with you to create a personalized project plan to support your needs and goals in major life transitions.

client and clinical staff standing side by side, smiling

Intermediary agent

Brokering conversations and advocating for your needs when consulting with your care-partners, such as family, physicians, financial advisors, lawyers, real estate agents, and other organizations. 

man and women sitting and standing next to moving boxes

Downsizing and decluttering

Creating a plan to organize your belongings in preparation for donation, sale, relocation to your new home or simply to modify and declutter your current space, making it more comprehensive and accessible.

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