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Organizing, Downsizing and Decluttering

Organizing, remodeling or preparing to downsize your home? 

Let us assist you so that you can focus on living in the Golden Age.

What We Offer You

Moving can be one of the biggest and most stressful transitions in a persons life. Whether you're hoping to organize, declutter and modify your home to age in place or preparing to downsize and relocate, a Golden Age Move Manager can support you through the process. We understand that 'home' has different meanings for everyone, and your reason to modify or downsize house can be a sensitive subject relating to loss, grief or change. A Golden Age Move Manager will work with you to create a project plan to limit your stress and delegate the tasks associated with your life transition.

A Golden Age Move Manager will assist you by:

  • Creating a customizable project plan to outline your goals

  • Brokering conversations with real estate agents or co-living facilities

  • Creating floor plans for modification or relocation of house

  • Organizing and Decluttering household items

  • Packing, labeling and creating inventory of household items for storage or moving

  • Facilitating presentation for sale 

    • Providing referrals to home modeling, repairs and other services

  • Arranging movers and facilitating move-in

  • Unpacking and setting up in new residence

  • Donating, recycling and disposing of unwanted items

  • And more


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