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Intermediary Agent and Advocate

Navigating various personal and professional relationships can be a lot of work.

Let us assist you so that you can focus on living in the Golden Age.

What We Offer You

Intermediary Agent and Advocate services delivered by Golden Age Managers are excellent for those who are navigating various conversations with care partners and need extra support in organizing, managing and delegating tasks. A Golden Age Intermediary Agent will act as a broker and an advocate when dealing with other people and services such as family, physicians, financial advisors, lawyers, real estate agents and other organizations.

A Golden Age Intermediary Agent will assist you by:

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Arranging transportation

  • Chaperoning to appointments

  • Taking notes at appointments

  • Asking questions and negotiating terms

  • Advocating for personal needs

  • Offering resources and suggestions 

  • Making referrals and connecting with other service providers

  • And more


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