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What are the benefits of hiring a "Golden Age Manager"?

5 Reasons Golden Age Management is the right home-care service for you.

There are numerous unique changes and transitions an individual will experience throughout their life; moving house, shifting family dynamics, loss of a loved one, changing roles and routines due to school or work, etc. These changes can be difficult to process, especially if you have a limited support system.

Older adults that are living alone in their homes are at a greater risk of social isolation. If they are retired, they may not have the same connections and resources as they once had while working. They also may not have the same familial support as someone who may be living with an adult child or spouse. Adult children may be "sandwiched" between caring for their parent as well as for their own children, and have limited time and energy to offer in caring for their aging parent. This lack of social support and engagement may lead to not only social isolation, but diminished mental health, lack of cognitive and physical stimulation and overall decreased quality of life.

When you work with a Golden Age Manager, we support not only the older adult experiencing a life transition, but we assist the entire support system in navigating the changes associated with the aging process.

Here is a list of the benefits of working with a Golden Age Manager:

Reduce Social Isolation

Anyone can offer a service, but at Golden Age Management, we build relationships. These meaningful relationships are key to reducing social isolation and promoting a sense of connection, belonging and purpose. Learn more about our Companionship Services if you are concerned about social isolation.

Reduce Stress

Just the thought of knowing you have someone to help you along the way can reduce the fear and anxiety that comes with navigating a big life change. When you work with a Golden Age Manager, we take care of the logistics. We limit the unnecessary confusion that may accompany working with multiple health care providers, legal services, realtors and moving companies. We maintain those relationships with respects to your privacy, relay the important information back to you with transparency and support you throughout any decision making. Learn more about our Intermediary Agent and Advocacy and Downsizing Service if you need support in managing personal and professional relationships and responsibilities.

Improve Mental Health

Your mental health is vitally important throughout the aging process to ensure you are experiencing the quality of life you deserve. Loss, grief and bereavement are extremely difficult, and more so when we're alone. Our Golden Age Managers are professionally trained, enthusiastic and passionate about supporting mental health and well-being in the aging population. Our Registered Social Service Workers offer Counseling Services where we listen to and connect you to appropriate resources depending on your experience.

Improve Physical Health

As we age, our body naturally changes. Our appearance, mobility, cognition and overall functioning is altered due to the normal aging process. Degeneration can happen at a sudden or more rapid rate if we do not care for our bodies by eating a well balanced diet and exercising on a consistent basis. Our Mobility Training combines a holistic approach to movement through Yoga and Active Aging concepts.

Sense of Dignity

The majority of older adults wish to age in their own home. "Aging in place" can be made difficult due to minimal social supports, diminished mobility, brain and cognition changes, advanced care needs, etc. Through hiring a Golden Age Manager, you can maintain the autonomy of living in your own home and the independence of choosing your own care. There are many different service options included in our Home Support. Visit our website for more information.

Find out more about the benefits of working with Golden Age Management for all your home-care needs by booking a free consultation today.

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