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Top 3 Benefits of Socialization and Companionship

Humans are social creatures. We rely on others to care for us throughout infancy, early childhood and adolescence. Even into adulthood and later life, we require connection and social engagement to live a fulfilled and enriching life.

There are many benefits of the Companionship Services offered by Golden Age Management. Here's how they improve quality of life:

Reducing Isolation
  • Loneliness associated with higher rates of poor physical health

    • Individuals with limited social lives are more likely to suffer from various health concerns including:

      • Hypertension

      • Coronary artery disease

      • Cardiac failure

      • Depression

      • Anxiety

      • Alzheimers (and other forms of dementia)

  • Social Isolation linked to unhealthy behaviours

    • Unhealthy behaviours include physical inactivity and smoking

  • Meeting new people promotes diversity and inclusion

    • Dementia diagnosis can contribute to feelings of isolation

    • Relating to others in similar situations can make you feel less alone

  • Provides a sense of belonging and community

    • Builds confidence and self-esteem

    • Linking resources

    • Making friendships

  • Social interaction stimulates the brain

  • Linked to cognitive, emotional, mental and physical health

    • Social Engagement contributes to the quality and length of life

    • Helps maintain memory and cognitive function

    • Reduces the risks of disease development or progression

    • Lowers blood pressure

    • Decreases symptoms of depression

We aren't meant to do it alone.

Grief, loss, major life transitions, and the inevitable changes associated with the aging process can be a lot to manage, even with support.

At Golden Age Management, we understand that caregiver burnout is real, and not everyone has a helping hand. So, we're here to offer that to you.

Learn more about our companionship services by clicking the button below.

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